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Intelligent FIWARE-based Generic Energy Storage Services for Environmentally Responsible Communities and Cities

The goal of I-GReta is to develop solutions for planning and operation of highly flexible energy systems benefitting from storage capacities. These will be capable of integrating high shares of renewables in regional and local energy networks through integrated demand flexibility and forecasting on building level as well as large-scale optimization-based control of electrical, heating and cooling consumption.

The consortium intends to build a real-world digitalized and decentralized energy system. I-GReta will connect 5 trial sites in 4 countries via a professional ICT platform benefitting from FIWARE components. Occupants, owners and system operators as key need owners will participate and assess the operation of the respective systems in a Virtual Smart Grid (VSG) based on the platform. A key use case will be the trading of storage capacities via the platform. Individual storage solutions will additionally provide high value and immense impact potential in the local perspective.

Key Enablers

Energy Storage

Digital Twin

Distributed Optimization

The distributed optimization of I-Greta aims to reduce the operational cost of a grid. This includes the grid itself and all the connected prosumers. By communicating flexibility between the different systems and solving a smaller local problem, the optimization can find an optimal operation for the overall system.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality creates a digital world that can be visually and often also auditorily experienced. In many cases the user can actively participate in the simulation or even in the real world by using VR equipment such as a headset and controllers. VR applications can not only be used for gaming but also for technical applications.

Smart Grid

In a Smart Grid, the digital communication system establishes the information exchange among the active power system components and the control entities. In this context, the main aim of the I-Greta project is to build a smart power system by exploiting the FIWARE communication platform to allow for two-way communication between smart optimization solutions, digital twins, and the active players in the power grid.

Real-Time simulation

To assess the real-time operation of modern power systems depending on the communication infrastructure for power sharing and voltage control, the Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) has been exploited in I-Greta project.

Trial Sites

Smart Living
Smart Battery
Smart Buildings
Smart Charging
FH Joanneum
Augmented Reality
Smart Energy Communities
Smart Flexibility Planning